Oppo A9 CPH1937/8, PCAM10 forgot password Pattern unlock

Oppo A9_PCAM10_11_A.11_190729 Remove User-Lock Frp Remove File

Oppo A9_CPH1837EX_11_A.39_191014 Remove User-Lock Frp Remove File

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Oppo A9 CPH1837, 1838 Remove User-Lock FRP File Download

How to Unlock Pattern and Password in Oppo A9 CPH1837/8?

It is not necessary that if you have a mobile shop only then you can unlock your mobile, you can also unlock your own mobile if you have a laptop or computer, else follow the steps given below to unlock your mobile Will be done

Things needed to unlock Oppo A9 Mobile,

1. You will need computer and laptop to unlock Oppo A9.

2. To unlock Oppo A9 you will need a tool and unlock file which you will find here, download it and copy it to your laptop and computer.

3. Apart from that, you should also download MCT MTK Auth Bypass Tool and also download WinRar, and you will definitely need this MCT MTK Auth Bypass Tool in every MTK Mobile, if you are doing software work, then you can download it by downloading it. Keep it, whatever file you need to download WinRar will be in the RAR folder, this software will be needed to extract that file from the rar folder.

4. First of all, you have to turn off your Antivirus, only then extract everything from Rar Folder, extract it on your desktop itself so that it is easy to find the folder.
5. Now you have to first install MTK Driver, apart from this you also have to install libusb-win32-devel-filter

Oppo A9 Remove Pattern and Password Reset or Unlock

1. Now you have to activate the MCT MTK Auth Bypass Tool, double click on the tool to activate
2. Now you have to right click on My Computer and click on Manage, and after that you have to click on Device Manager

3. Now you have to switch off your mobile and press both volume up and down simultaneously and connect the data cable to the mobile, only then you will see MTK port in Device Manager,

4. As soon as you see MTK Port, immediately you will see Bypass written on MCT MTK Auth Bypass Tool, you have to click there, your mobile will be connected to your computer as soon as you click, if you do not do this then your mobile will have to connect the cable. Even after restarting, the power will be turned on, so after seeing the right time, after connecting the mobile, you can click on Bypass in as much speed as you can.

5. After that you have to start Sp Flash Tool and You have to select the required file from the Oppo A9 Folder, which file to select, I have told you below
6. Now you have to select MTK_AllInone_DA.bin file in Download Agent

6. Now you have to select the Scatter File

7. Now you have to select AuthSV5.auth file in Authentication File

8. Now you will see the Option written in Sp Flash Tool, click there, Connection will be written in it, you have to go to it.
9. Now you have to select UART in Connection Settings
10. Now you have to see in Device Manager which is your MTK Port, you have to select the same port in Com Port in Sp Flash Tool
11. Now you have to select Baud rate 921600 then close the option window

12. In Sp Flash Tool you will see Format written, you have to click there

13. Manual Format Flash has to be selected.

14. And copy the address given below and paste it in Begine Addr [HEX] and in Format L.th [HEX]
        Begine Addr [HEX]:0x19e800000
        Format L.th [HEX]:0x200000000

15. Now you have to click on Start Button, in a while your mobile will be formatted.

16. Now you have to do the same process to bypass FRP again but you have to change the address in manual format.
        FRP Address  
        BEGIN ADDRESS: 0x7c88000 
        FORMAT LENGTH: 0x100000

File Name : Oppo A9_CPH1937/8 Userlock File.zip
File Name : Oppo A9_PCAM10_11_A.11_190729.zip
File Name : Mediatek Auth Bypass Tool
File Name : Smart Phone Flash Tool
Download: Sp Flash Tool 

File Name : LibUSB Driver
Download: LibUSB Driver

File Name : WinRar
Download : WinRar
If you have any kind of problem then you can tell in the comment below.
thank you