Today I am going to tell you 7 such best tools and websites, using which you can edit your photos in a professional way and give a great pro look to your photos, By using all these tools and websites, you can create a creative design, There is a famous software for photo editing, Photoshop is not available to us for free and we have to learn this software to use it.But these 7 photo editing tools are such that you do not need to learn to use it, it can be used by any person who may have 0 knowledge about photo editing, because to understand the tools given in it. I do not face much problem and its plus point is that it is absolutely free, You will easily find it on browser, desktop and mobile,

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Free Best Photo-editing and designing Software for Mobile, Desktop and Online Browser

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Free photo editing and design Software that are easy to use for photo editing

1. Gimp

The full name of GIMP is Image Manipulation Program which is a free photo editing graphics software, mainly used as a photo retouching and photo editing tool, it works on all operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux. supports in 

2. Darktable

dark-table software is a kind of alternative software of light room, it was available in mac and ios for many years, but now it is also available in windows version which is absolutely free, in this software you get all the features of light room Apart from this, you will also get such features which you will not get in the light room, with the help of this software you can edit RAW photos apart from JPEG, in this you can do advanced color correction,

3. Photoscape x

Photoscape x This is a free photo editing software, it is so easy that it can be used by anyone, its main function is to do color correction, brighten and contrast the photo, give filter effect to the photo, crop the photo, To increase or decrease the size of the photo, meaning that all kinds of options are given here, which you can use easily, and the size of this software is also very less,

4. Fotor

Fotor is an online photo editing tool that you can use online without installing it on your computer, but if you want software for your computer, then its software is available for Mac and Windows, and this software is quite simple.  Fotor website is a photo editing and design making website, through it you can create professional type photo editing and any design that too in a very easy way. Use of this Fotor Those people who do not know Photoshop, such people can easily use this fotor.

5. Snapseed

You all know Snapseed, it is a photo-editing tool which is available in our mobile as an app, which is used by everyone, by using this tool you can give a great pro look to your photo, this one Mobile app using which you can easily design a great photo by just touching your fingers on the screen

6. LR Mobile

LR Mobile i.e. lightroom for mobile, this is a free photo editing app that you will find available in the app store of all mobiles, this app is for I pad, iPhone and Android device, by using this app you can do color correction of your photo. You can easily do this by using all the tools of this app, you can give a very nice look to your photo.

7. Pixlr 

Pixlr is a free photo editing and designing website that also has a Pixlr mobile app, using which you can convert your photos into a creative design, you will get it for free in your browser, desktop and phone, here you will find many You will get a professional template, which you can use for free

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