Why do laptops slow down with age ?

 We have old laptop which we want to use but we are not able to because your old laptop runs very slow. There are many reasons for laptop running slow, one of which is memory getting full. Whatever software we use in the laptop, its cache file and temp file and saved files are also stored in the document of C drive of Windows. Apart from this, whatever we copy on the desktop, we paste it there. And whatever files we download, those files are also stored in the C drive of Windows. Apart from this, the unnecessary software which is lying in our C drive, all these files fill the C drive memory of our Windows, due to which our laptop starts running slow. We have to delete all these files and documents to make our old laptop fast, deleting makes space in the memory of our laptop's C drive. 

Apart from this, there is some software behind slowing down the laptop which keeps running in the background, such software slows down the speed of our laptop, Today we will know the solution of all these problems, and will speed up the speed of our old laptop. 

This is also the reason behind the slow working of the laptop, due to the low memory of the hard drive in our laptop and also due to the old hard drive, the laptop runs slow. Apart from this, due to less RAM of our laptop, the speed of the laptop also slows down. And apart from this, your old laptop has support up to Windows 7 and even if you put Windows 10 in it, your laptop will be slow, So keep all these things in mind

Read this article to know how to clean cache file and temp file and disk from your laptop ? This article is in Hindi but you can read it by translation in English Apart from this, you will get the image which you will be able to understand by looking at it.

If you do not know how to uninstall programs from your computer, then click on this link 

Slow laptop? How to make it faster (for free)

How to make old laptop run fast? and How to improve old laptop performance ?

  1. So you know that it is very important to have the C drive Empty For the Laptop to run fast, So go to Properties by Right clicking in C drive, here you get the option of DISK CLEANUP, Disk clean will tell you How much Storage you can save, then select whatever you want to delete and select CLEAN-UP System Files, Deleting of files will start and then press OK, Then click on Permanently delete files and your storage will start cleaning,
  2. First of all delete both the catch file and temp file from your laptop, I have given the link above for how to delete it.
  3. Empty your computer's recycle folder which you will find on the desktop
  4. Go to the C drive of your computer, there you will find a folder named User, inside it you will find a folder named Download, whatever you have downloaded will be full there, whatever is useful, copy it to another drive, its After that, Delete all FILES that is left in the download folder.
  5. Uninstall unnecessary software that you do not use, I have given the link above how to uninstall the program.
  6. Delete all the files lying on your desktop, if there are useful files, copy them and move them to another drive.
  7. When our laptop is full or we add and delete a lot of things. so because of this the storage of laptop gets fragmentes, meaning any file is saved anywhere in chunks and because of this it takes more time to access it, just Search for Defragment and open these settings then select your hard disk and click optimize after that go to change settings and select weekly here, Not all files will be kept, close by with this setting and your software and programs will be able to run faster 
  8. Go to the start menu of your laptop and search for CMD, and click on the command prompt, and type "chkbsk" and then enter, it will automatically scan and repair your C drive, this will delete your unwanted data so that your laptop was slowing down, once the scan is complete, after that your laptop will work better than before
  9. Go to Start menu, search for Task manager, click on Startup, Disable all applications that are not require , you can speed up your booting speed
  10. If after doing all this your laptop is slow then you have to increase the RAM in your laptop, if your laptop has 1GB of RAM then remove it and increase it to 4GB of RAM
  11. If still your laptop is running slow then you need to change hard drive. Mostly all laptops come with HDD, so you have to remove this hard drive and buy "SSD" solid state drive and install it. After applying this, your laptop will start running fast like a rocket.

 I hope you have benefited from this tips of mine and your old laptop will start running faster than before, share this post of mine to the people so that other people can also get information about it, thank you