Now the phone will prompt you to switch off when it is busy.

How to give a signal to switch off when the phone is busy?

If you are talking to someone i.e. you are busy on a phone call, now if someone calls you then your number will appear busy, but you do not want the caller to see my phone as busy, you want my mobile number to give a switch off signal when a call comes. So you can do this, you just have to do the following settings in your mobile, 

Here are some general steps you could take:

  1. First of all you have to go to the "Settings" of your mobile, 

  2. after that you have to go to the "Mobile network", 

  3. there you will get the option of "Call settings" at the bottom, tap on it, 

  4. you will get the option of "Operator-related settings", tap on it,

First of all, you have to turn off the call waiting option, 

1. for this you have to go to "Additional Settings" under "Operator-related settings"

2. after that select the SIM and inside it you will find the option of "Call waiting", disable it.

You have to enable the option "when busy"

After that you have to come back to the "Operator-related settings"

  1. you will get the option of "Call forwarding", tap on it, 

  2. now you have to Select the SIM from which you talk on the call, 

  3. now you have to tap on the "Voice call"

  4. there you have to "When busy" option has to be enabled. 

As soon as you enable it, you will be asked to enter the number. In that box, enter the number which is closed, or enter the number of your second SIM.
All you have to do is set this so that your mobile will switch off when you are busy on a call with someone.