Tap 10 Mobile Phones Brand in the World


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As of January 2022, when I last updated my expertise, I can provide you details on a few well-known cell phone brands. However, bear in mind that consumer tastes and market forces may cause the rankings to alter over time. Ten popular mobile phone brands are listed below:

1. **Samsung**:
A multinational business based in South Korea, renowned for its Galaxy series.

2. **Apple**:
A US-based business most recognised for the iPhone line.

3. **Huawei**:
Under the Huawei name, this Chinese multinational technology business manufactures cellphones.

4. **Xiaomi**:
The Chinese electronics manufacturer **Xiaomi** is well-known for its Redmi and Mi series.

5. **Oppo**:
Another well-known Chinese electronics brand for its fashionable cellphones.

6. **Vivo**:
A Chinese tech business well-known for emphasising smartphone cameras and music capabilities.

7. **OnePlus**: A division of BBK Electronics and Oppo, renowned for creating flagship-class smartphones.

8. **Sony**:
A multinational business based in Japan that manufactures smartphones called Xperia.

9. **LG**:
A global electronics business based in South Korea that manufactures a variety of products, including cellphones.

10. **Google**:
An American tech corporation that also creates the Android operating system, Google is well-known for its Pixel series.

Please take notice that after my last update, there may have been new entrants or changes in the rankings, and these businesses' popularity and market positions may have altered.