Oppo A1K & Realme C2 Mic to IC Ways Jumper 100% Solution

  Oppo A1K / Realme C2 Mic Not Working 100% Solution

Oppo A1K/realme c2 Mic Problem Jumper Solution Ways
Oppo A1k CPH1923 Mic Not Working Best Solution

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Today I am going to tell you the mic solution of Oppo A1K and Realme C2, if your mic is not working then you have come to the right place, you will get 100% mic solution here,
I have shown the way from Mic to Ic, seeing which you can easily repair your Mic.

Oppo A1K/Realme C2 Mic Not Working Solution

  • First of all, you have to remove the mic of your Oppo A1K or Realme C2 after taking out the mic, the place where the mic is found. To check the reading at that point, through the digital meter, whether the reading is coming at both of those points or not?
  • The top point will get a reading near 0.827 and the bottom point will get a reading near 0.678 and the third point is ground, it will beep 
  • If reading is coming in both the points then you change your mic, but if reading is not coming in either of the two then it means that your line is missing from somewhere.

If you do mobile repairing, then you must know how to trace the line,

  • Trace the line by keeping your meter in buzzer mode, if the line is correct then the beep will sound, if the line is braked, then the beep will not sound

I have told the full mic path of Oppo A1K which goes from Mic to IC. Seeing which you can check the line through the meter, where there is no beep, you can put a jumper between both the lines, the image of the Mic Way is given below.

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Oppo A1k Mic Not Working Best Solution
Oppo A1k Mic To IC Ways Jumper Solution

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