How can I increase my phone's lifespan?

How to extend the life of your mobile? All of you must have thought this at some point or the other, When we take a new smartphone, it does not last for a long time, there is some defect in it, the charging socket gets bad, Sometimes the speaker gets faulty, the battery runs out quickly, the on-off button gets faulty, The battery gets swelled up due to which the display gets damaged, Means some problem keeps coming in mobile, The mobile does not last much time, and in the end there is a need to change the mobile.

Now what to do so that our mobile lasts more time, its life becomes longer and we do not have to take new mobiles, So today I will give you some such tips by following which you can increase the life of your mobile.

So hello friends, how are you all, I hope everyone will be fine, today's topic is how to increase the life of smartphone mobile, We make a lot of mistakes while using a smartphone, due to which our mobile gets damaged soon. Today we will tell you all the mistakes that you make while using your smartphone, so that you do not make these mistakes again and you can save the smartphone from getting damaged.

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How to increase (extend) the life of your smartphone mobile?

1. Do not hold mobile with wet hands : When we hold the mobile with wet hands, the water of the hands goes into the on-off button of the mobile, due to which the on-off button gets damaged quickly, holding the mobile with wet hands and putting the mobile in charging also spoils the mobile charging socket. And due to short circuit, the charging IC of the mobile gets damaged, holding the mobile with watery hands causes water to go into the speaker, which slows down the speaker volume, holding the mobile with wet hands causes water to enter the mobile screen. The display goes bad

So you guys saw, Holding the mobile with wet hands causes so many problems in the mobile, So never hold your mobile with wet hands, First clean the hands with a cloth and then hold the mobile, Some people have a habit of holding the mobile with wet hands and talking. Especially women, because the use of water is more in their household chores and because of this, while working, they hold the mobile with watery hands. And then you finally get the result of mobile

2. Do not overuse the on off button of the mobile : Some people use the mobile in such a way that they need to press the on-off button of the mobile again and again and some people press the on-off button of the mobile without any work, Due to this, the on-off button of your mobile gets damaged quickly and then you have to get your mobile repaired in the repair shop, this opens your company fitting mobile, then later there is a possibility of all the other problems.

If you want to save your on off button from getting damaged then follow these tips, Now-a-days all smartphones have a system with double tap to on, by turning on this system, if you tap the fingers twice on the screen, the screen will turn on. And to turn off the screen, a widget named lock is given, whose shortcut you can put on the home screen of the mobile, so that you can lock the mobile with just one tap and turn off the screen, Apart from this, you can also get the lock icon in the option bar. Lock icon is given to lock the screen, you can also lock your mobile from there.

How to increase battery life of Smartphones ?

3. Don't let the battery get low and don't over charge : Now we will talk about our most important tips which are battery, What is the biggest fault in mobile? All you answer will be battery, right, If something bad happens in our mobile then it is battery. After using the mobile for a long time, our battery gets exhausted very quickly, the health of the battery becomes very low, why does this happen? There are many reasons for this, but the main reason for this is forgetting to keep the mobile in charging, whether it is 3 hours or the whole night, the mobile remains in charging, after that the battery of the mobile starts deteriorating. 

If you want to extend the life of the battery then follow these tips, Do not allow less than 15% charging in your mobile And whenever you do charging, don't charge the mobile more than 85%, This will increase the life of your battery And you will never have a problem with the battery draining quickly

4. Do not keep mobile volume high: Some people have a habit of playing the song at full volume, doing so can damage your speaker quickly. By playing the speaker at full volume, the curtain of the speaker gets torn due to which the sound of the song gets torn from your mobile.

If you want to avoid damage to your speaker, then follow these tips, keep the volume in your mobile up to 90%, never play the song at 100% volume, this will increase the life of your speaker. 

5. Keeping the calling speaker and mic clean with a brush : When we work outside, a lot of dust and dirt remains around us and it slowly accumulates in the speaker and mic of the mobile ear and finally the speaker and mic hall gets filled with dust and dirt, Due to which you do not hear the sound properly during the call And your voice is not able to reach the front properly, 

If you want to protect your mobile's ear speaker and mic from bad, then follow this tips, there is a separate small mesh for speaker and mic in the market, if you know, By putting such a mesh on the speaker and mic of the mobile, keep your speaker and mic safe from dust and soil, If you cannot find this thing there, then you should clean your speaker and mic with a brush so that the dust and dirt are cleaned from it.

6. Use soft cover for your mobile : You all know that mobile falls from us at times, and after falling, we also suffer a lot, some people use mobile without cover and some people use hard cover, but when mobile falls If it goes then there is a lot of damage in the mobile. 

If you want to protect your mobile from falling damage, do not keep the mobile in the hard cover, always keep it inside the soft cover of rubber, when the mobile falls, the chances of damage to the mobile due to the soft cover are reduced.

7. Switch off the mobile when the mobile becomes hot : Sometimes it happens that when we use a mobile, the mobile becomes hot after a lot of functions are opened, or there is a place where the heat is high, keeping the mobile at such a place makes the mobile hot. Due to the heating of the mobile, the components in the circuit of the mobile get spoiled, due to which there are more chances of malfunctioning in your mobile. 

If you want to protect the circuit of your mobile from getting damaged, first of all close all the open apps in the mobile and keep your mobile away from the hot place, or whenever your mobile feels hot, you can use your mobile Turn off immediately, and after cooling, turn on the mobile, do not open more apps in the mobile, open the same app that is needed, Unnecessarily turn off WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS

I hope you like this information of mine, if you have any question in your mind then you can ask me in the comment below, definitely share it with your friends.
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