What Everyone Must Know About ANDROID 13 FEATURES

 Copy-pasting will be the easiest, along with this, you will get freedom from a lot of notifications as well as security will be even stronger than before, you will all think that how will all this happen and where will we get it, then we will tell you that all these great features you will get. In Android 13, Google has released the stable version of its latest Android operating system. Let us introduce you to some of its best features.

Like always, this time also the new Android OS has been first received by Google Pixel smartphone and in the next few months all smartphones will have Android 13, talk about Google Pixel then if you have Google Pixel then you can use this Android 13 OS the same. You can install it on your device.
Google has told that this Android 13 OS will be available on smartphones of other companies including Samsung, oneplus, realme, Oppo, Vivo, xiaomi this year, 



1. Notification: You will have control over all the notifications coming in your smartphone, in Android 13, all the apps and websites will have to take your permission to send the notification, all the phones are filled with the notification of the app, so after the new update You will get relief from this notification and the control will also be yours, you will get notification of only those apps which you will allow to send alerts, which means that such apps which sometimes interact with you without your consent. won't be able to 

2. Media Access: Access to only one photo, not all photos, Till now the app could take access of all the photos lying in the entire gallery, This means that the app that you gave permission to access used to load all the existing photos, screenshots and videos in your gallery on its server, But it won't happen from now on, From now on in Android 13, you can give access to those photos with which the app related to the photo has to be taken, means let's assume, You need to upload a photo of a pet cat to Facebook, So that app will be able to access the photo of the cat that has been given permission to it.

3. Customization : Customization has been the beauty of Android, But in Android 13 it got better, With Material UI Design, user can change the entire user interface of the smartphone according to the wallpaper, from the notification panel, The good thing is that this change will be applicable to third party apps as well., Can be customized according to the design of the theme to the icon

4. Copy or Paste : In Android 13, the whole method of copy and paste is going to change, after selecting the copy option, a box-like popup will appear, where you will be able to see the preview of your copied text, If you edit something after pasting, then after editing that text will automatically be saved on the clipboard, The biggest change is that if the system thinks that whatever you have copied and pasted and there is any kind of sensitive information in it, then it will be auto deleted after a few hours.

5. Photo Edit : Editing the copied photo in Android 13 is already going to be very easy, as soon as you select a photo, the option of edit will appear immediately, after making changes according to you, you can save it.

6. Media or Player : After all these features, in Android 13, you have been given HDR video support, Customize, Night Mode, for third party camera apps as well, New features like App Indicator have been added in Notification Panel, Taking special care of the music lovers, changes have also been made in the media player, The phone's media player will automatically change its look according to the music.

Special audio, wallpaper, dimming and a dark theme are also supported in Android 13, I hope you like this information,

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